Hall of Fame

The Grizzly Athletics Hall of Fame was formally established in July of 2002, the beginning of the tenth year of the Grizzly Athletics program. The purpose of the Hall is to honor former athletes and coaches who have distinguished themselves by making substantial contributions to the Missouri State University-West Plains Grizzly Athletics program. Eligibility qualifications are:

  • Outstanding athletic contributions, personal integrity and character, leadership qualities, academic success, and representation of himself or herself and Missouri State University-West Plains with excellence.
  • Student-athletes will be eligible for consideration after they have been out of the University for a minimum of five years.
  • Student-athletes must have either 1) graduated from Missouri State University-West Plains; or 2) transferred in good academic standing from Missouri State University-West Plains and ultimately graduated from another accredited college or university.
  • Coaches will become eligible for consideration immediately upon their termination of employment at Missouri State University-West Plains.
  • Any person may submit nominations for consideration. Once nominated, a student-athlete will continue to be a nominee in succeeding years.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of persons who may be inducted in any year.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is composed of the current director of athletics, one or more current or past Grizzly Booster Club members and past Hall of Fame inductees. The Grizzly head coaches serve in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity. Vacancies on the Hall of Fame Selection Committee are filled by the Grizzly Booster Club Executive Board of Directors.

An induction ceremony for selected Hall of Fame inductees will be held during a well-publicized University activity.  Inductees receive a special plaque or trophy and a commemorative photograph will be placed in the Hall of Fame location at the University.  Currently the Hall of Fame inductee photographs are on display at the West Plains Civic Center outside of the Dogwood Rooms.