Student Athlete Physical Requirements

As a member of the NJCAA, we are required to confirm that all student-athletes participating in any of the NJCAA certified sports have passed a physical examination administered by a qualified health care professional licensed to administer physical examinations.

  • A physical must be administered and filed with the athletic department at the college of participation prior to the first practice of each calendar year in which the Student-athlete participates.
  • A cardiovascular screening is recommended as part of the physical exam.
  • A physical is valid for 13 months from the date of its administration.
  • A student-athlete must always have a valid physical on file in order to practice or participate in NJCAA sanctioned sports
    • A student-athlete who does not pass his/her physical is ineligible and may not practice, dress or participate in any contest
    • The physical examination requirement applies to all in season and off season practices, workouts and contests

Physical examinations will be arranged at the beginning of each academic year, after all athletes have arrived and prior to participation.  However, if you prefer to use your personal physician we request you use the Missouri State-West Plains Physical Form.